Exploring Basel’s 10 Must-Visit Destinations with the Limousine Hire


Have you ever been to Basel? If not then you must. Otherwise, you are missing out on a beautiful destination on Earth. Basel is a city on the Rhine River near the French and German borders with its rich history, vibrant art scene, and scenic landscapes. For travelers seeking a seamless ride to explore this beauty, Limousine Hire Transfer services offer the most convenient and cozy rides, helping you out in exploring Basel. 

To help you out, in the blog, the Limousine Hire travel and tourism support team curated a list of must-visit destinations complemented by the best chauffeur-driven Limousine Transfer Services, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free Basel experience.

Top 10 Destinations in Basel

1.Basel Minster

The first destination in the Basel Limousine Hire travel journey is Basel Minster. It is a Gothic cathedral in the old town of Basel city. Your driver can drop you at its door and let you explore its intricate architecture and scenic river views of the Rhine River from its towers. Your chauffeur will be ready to take you for your next Basel destination drive.

2.Kunstmuseum Basel

The next spot in the series is the artistic treasures of Kunstmuseum Basel. It houses an elaborate collection ranging from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. With the Limousine Hire chauffeur waiting, you can take your time exploring, and clicking pictures of masterpieces of Picasso, Van Gogh, and Monet. After your visit, you can relax in the cozy vehicle as you move forward.

3.Basel Historical Museum 

Get acquainted with Basel’s history at the Basel Historical Museum. Your limousine ride will drop you at the Museum’s doorstep. You can explore exhibits showcasing archaeological finds, medieval artifacts, and insights into Basel’s cultural evolution here. After being enriched with history, your driver will continue to your next journey.

4.Rhine River Promenade

The Rhine River promenade where you can walk along the riverbank, admiring the old town’s colorful buildings. Your Limousine Hire chauffeur can recommend ideal spots for capturing memorable photos or arranging a riverside picnic or guide you to having the best food.

5.Fondation Beyeler

The next spot in the destination list is Fondation Beyeler, the best for art enthusiasts. Your Basel Airport Transfer will ensure a smooth transfer to this world-renowned museum. Explore the museum’s collection of modern and contemporary art, surrounded by gardens designed by architect Renzo Piano. You can relax in your chauffeur-driven car as you return to Basel.

6.Basel Zoo

Families and wildlife enthusiasts will be happy on a visit to Basel Zoo, one of the oldest and largest in Switzerland. Your chauffeured Basel Limo will navigate you through Basel’s streets of the Basel Zoo. Your driver will pick you up for your next destination.

7.Old Town 

Visit Basel’s beautiful Old Town with its narrow lanes, old buildings, and bustling marketplaces. After driving you off in the market square, your driver can let you visit the Rathaus (Town Hall). Once you’ve seen the hidden treasures of Old Town, your chauffeur will take you on a more personalized tour.

8.Tinguely Museum

The next spot in the list of top destinations is Tinguely Museum, which is dedicated to Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely. After exploring the museum’s exhibitions, your Private Limousine Hire chauffeur will be ready to take you back to your hotels.

9.Basel Paper Mill Museum 

The 15th century-based Paper Mill Museum is housed in historic Basel land. Your Professional Limo Hire will provide door-to-door service to this cultural gem, where you can learn about the art of papermaking.

10.Vitra Design Museum 

The Vitra Design Museum, which is close to the German border, is the ideal place to finish your journey on the Basel tour. Experience a luxurious transfer to this Frank Gehry-designed museum, where you can discover an exceptional collection of furniture and design products, all this can be easily possible with your door-to-door limousine service


Thus, you can have an amazing time by experiencing Switzerland’s cultural capital with the help of limousine transport services. Experience the ease of customized transport with Limousine Hire Transfer Services and learn why Basel’s unique combination of art, history, and scenic beauty never fails to draw in tourists.

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