What makes Basel a Must-Visit destination? Uncover the Allure

What makes Basel a Must-Visit destination? Uncover the Allure

Basel is a stunning city. It is Switzerland’s third-biggest city, right next to the Rhine. It is the ideal fusion of artistic expression, architectural design, cultural history, and natural beauty.

Because it draws visitors of all ages, Basel is a must-visit tourism attraction. 

It offers everything to meet the needs and interests of every visitor, from top-notch museums to historic towns.Travelers are drawn to this alluring location by its extensive artistic and cultural legacy.

Places to visit in Basel-

Basel Minister-

The largest cathedral in Basel, Switzerland, is called the Basel Minster. is the custodian of an array of rare historical artifacts, and relics that trace the development of art and Christianity in the city. There is no entry fee for the Basel minister.

Basler Papiermühle-

The Basler Papiermühle also known as Basel Paper Mill Museum provides an enlightening glimpse into the intricate craft of traditional papermaking. While walking through the museum you can trace the development of paper production through the centuries.  

If you are interested in artisanal crafts, history, and the origins of common materials, the Basler Papiermühle is the right place for you. The Distance between EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (EAP) to Basler Papiermühle – Schweizerisches Museum and a private Basel airport transfer will take only 15-20 minutes to take you there from airport.  

Kunstmuseum Basel-

The Kunstmuseum is a must-visit place for art lovers.

The museum contains large galleries that include ornamental arts, sculptures, and paintings from the middle centuries through today. 

This museum is famous for its diverse art collection of early 20th-century artwork, of legendary artists like Picasso, Léger, van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cézanne. 

This place is a temple of art lovers.

Museum Tinguely-

The museum Tinguely is located near the river Rhine, it is built to honor the art of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely.

The most interesting thing about this museum is that they have kinetic sculptures and buttons next to each sculpture you can set them to move, twirl, and more.

The entry fee for adults is 12 CHF, and if you have children below the age of 16 or a Swiss card then the entry is free.

Old Town-

Basel’s Old Town takes visitors back through the centuries with its meandering medieval streets and rich architectural heritage. 

It offers an enchanting area for leisurely exploration and experiencing the city’s enduring allure.

It is best to explore while walking.

Alongside these, there are a variety of other fascinating places in Basel that are worth seeing

  • The Spielzeug Welten Museum 
  • The Museum of Antiquities and the Ludwig Collection
  • The Basel Historical Museum
  • Basel Jewish Museum
  • Marktplatz piazza
  • Basel zoo

Activities to do in Basel

A Weidling Tour-

 Wielding is a traditional wooden boat in Basel it is one of the most interesting things to do in Basel. You get to experience what it was like for traders traveling between Venice and the North Sea by trying your hand at paddling on the Rhine.

Urban Art Tour-

Basel has a rich history, but despite this, it has also enthusiastically embraced contemporary artists. To discover hidden works of art you need to take the urban tour in Artstübli in Basel. 

Three Country Corner-

You can see the border of three countries at once at Dreiländereck. It is hard to believe but it’s true. Basel shares its border with Germany and France.

Shopping at Spangenberg-

Spalenberg is the best shopping street in Basel located in the old town. Even if you are not looking for shopping you can just explore this street and try some street food and can witness some street artists. 

Accessibility and Connectivity

Public transportation-

Public transportation in Basel is top-notch. It includes buses and trams. Swiss pass holders don’t need to buy tickets.

 Other than that users can choose between a short journey ticket, a multi-use ticket or a day ticket.

You can take the tickets from ticket machines, which accept Swiss coins and euros.

Biking and walking-

Basel is best to explore on foot you can walk around the city and take a glimpse of the rich architecture and cultural heritage of the city.

Bikes are also easily available in the city and it is preferred by locals to travel.

Taxi services-

Taxis are easily available in Basel. It is a convenient mode of transfer in Basel but the prices and availability of taxis are a common issue faced by travelers. 

Private Car hire-

 Traveling by hiring a Basel Airport Transfers is a common way to get around the city. 

These come with a professional Basel chauffeur, so if you want to explore the city in a limited time this is the best option.

Basel car hire companies offer a wide range of luxury cars like limousines, XUV, sedans, and other luxury cars. These cars are easily accessible, economical, and best to have a luxury experience.


Basel is a hidden gem every traveler should include Basel on their list of places to visit. From the charming old town to the world-class museum Basel offers a beautiful blend of rich heritage and art. There is much to discover in Basel, an intriguing intersecting city that will pique your interest. If you’re considering vacationing in Switzerland, this is a place you really should not miss. Book a private Limousine transfer ride in Basel today!

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