Private Arrival Transfer: From Zurich Airport To Zurich City

Private Arrival Transfer: from Zurich Airport to Zurich City

Zurich Airport, which has the IATA code ZRH, is Switzerland’s busiest airport and the central hub for Swiss, the country’s national airline.

The easiest way to get around Zurich is with a Zurich Card, which can be bought online. It lets you use public transportation for free, even from the airport, and it gives you free or cheap access to several Zurich sights. You could also choose to rent a car from the airport and also you can choose Zurich airport transfer services.

In this article, we have mentioned all the ways of private arrival transfer from Zurich airport to Zurich city.

How does one get from the airport in Zurich to the city center?

Since Zurich Airport is one of the most connected in Europe, there are many easy ways to get from the airport to the city.

You can take a private shuttle, a taxi, or a cheap train from Zurich Airport to the Downtown train station.

Zurich Airport is 10 km from the city center (6 miles). Because of this, it will take you about 20 minutes to get to your place to stay from the airport.

Private Transfers to And from Zurich Airport

When you book a ride from Zurich Airport, your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival gate.

If you want to get to your hotel quickly and save time waiting for a taxi, the best thing to do is book a private ride from Zurich Airport. You can book it ahead of time online or through your hotel. Hotels booking from airport transportation to Zurich often charge extra on top of the base rate.

Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival gate with a sign that says your name. Several good companies offer private transportation from Zurich Airport at different prices.

You can choose between the following:

Transfers from Zurich Airport to the city start at 78 Euros.

We offer comfortable rides from Zurich Airport to the city for as little as 93 euros.

Depending on traffic and where your hotel is, private transfers from Zurich Airport to the city take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Airport Taxis to And from Zürich

There are taxis right outside the terminal at Zurich Airport. Most of the time, there will be a lot, so you would have to wait too long. The cars are comfortable, and the drivers can fluently speak English and other languages.

It costs more than 70 euros to take a taxi from Zurich Airport to the city center.

From Zurich Airport to the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof):

The train is the cheapest way to get from Zurich Airport to the city center.

The Zurich Airport train station is a part of the airport itself. So, going from the airport to the station is a smooth process. Several airport transfer companies can help with an easy transfer at Zurich Airport.

From the Airport to The Train Station

The way from Zurich Airport to the train station is easy and quick. The Zurich Airport train station is big enough to be its mall because it has many stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, a place to store your bags, and supermarkets, so the ticket office and ticket machines are hard to find.

As we have already said, you can take the train from Zurich Airport to the city for free if you buy a Zurich Card or a Swiss Travel Pass in advance.

It takes about 10 minutes to get from Zurich Airport to the Hauptbahnhof train station. The trains are comfortable and have enough room for luggage. They run every 5–10 minutes from 5 a.m. to midnight. Between 4:45 a.m. and midnight, trains to the airport leave Zurich Central Station.

One-way tickets to Zurich Central Station cost 7 euros for adults and 3.50 euros for children. You can also buy a 14-euro day pass that lets you travel. You can regain control of your hectic schedule by hiring a private Zurich chauffeur service to drive you.

By Tram from Zurich Airport to The City

The local tram is another way to get from ZRH to the city center by public transportation. This is a less popular choice because it takes about 35 minutes to get from the airport to the city.

The tram and the train cost the same amount to get to Zurich Airport. You can ride the tram for free if you buy the Zurich Card or the Swiss Travel Pass.

The only reason to take the tram instead of the train is to see the beautiful sights of Zurich because most of the railroad is underground.

Zurich Airport Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus can take you to many hotels in Downtown Zurich. This option is only worth it if the airport bus goes straight to where you are staying. You check this with the hotel directly. If so, they can book a room for you.

The cost of the airport shuttle bus in Zurich is €26. Every hour, shuttle buses leave the airport, and the ride takes about 40 minutes.

It is important to remember that you have to make reservations ahead of time.

Airport Car Rentals in Zurich

You could rent a car at Zurich Airport if you want to drive around Switzerland or to places like Liechtenstein after your stay in Zurich. Every major car company has a place at ZRH airport. Limousine services in Zurich are also very affordable.

You can book your car online and pick it up when you get there. You can also choose Zurich airport taxi services. It is easy to drive around Zurich, but parking in the city may be expensive if your hotel needs more parking. At Zurich Airport, you can rent a car for as little as 50 euros daily. Prices change a lot depending on how much people want them. Limousinehire.CH/ Swiss Private Transfer is well known for providing high-quality transfer services at competitive rates.


You can find various ways to travel around Zurich city from Zurich airport. You can choose any option that seems the most suitable for you.

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