Discovering the Hidden Gems of Bern, Switzerland: A Traveler's Guide


Bern, the capital of Switzerland is mostly neglected by tourists for its popular counterparts, such as Geneva and Zurich. But many people don’t know that this beautiful city has its unique beauty and a lot of Hidden gems in Bern waiting to be explored. If you want to experience an authentic and memorable experience in the city, then a private and knowledgeable Bern travel guide is the way to go. Your Bern Chauffeur can become your best travel guide to explore the city and uncover the Unexplored places in Bern. Let’s see how your travel guide uncovers the Bern tourist attractionsfor you. 

Bern’s old town

Most tourist companies offer Bern Airport transferand on the way to the city, the chauffeur may show you the enchanting old town. You will take yourself back in time when your guide shows you the old town of the city. Rich with medieval history, the town is home to many well-maintained sandstone buildings and you can go for a walk through the cobblestone streets. 

Zytglogge clock tower

This is one of the Unique Bern landmarks as well as a symbol of Bern. Tour operators that provide you with Zurich to Bern transfer will stop at the clock tower to show you the architectural masterpiece. There are many interesting tales about this clock tower and Bern local insights about the working of the clock. 

Bear Park

Your visit to Bern is incomplete without visiting this travel spot. It is one of the Bern must-see placeswhere you can see the beautiful creatures, and the bears in natural surroundings while recognizing their importance in the city culture. 


This is one of the Hidden gems near Bern airport, perching on a hill and offering some majestic views of the city’s rooftops and surrounding environment. This beautiful and tranquil rose garden is worth your camera snaps and enjoying the beauty of the city from a different point of view. 

Important cultural attractions 

Your airport transfer guide will lead you to explore and enjoy the cultural environment of the city. You will be taken to visit some charming landmarks such as the Federal Palace, Bern Cathedral, and the most popular Museum of Fine Arts. Discovering these architectural beauties will give you some insights into the art and culture of the country. 

Local delights 

Your guide will provide you with some Bern travel tips that will uncover the city’s culinary delights before you. You can taste some yummy Swisschocolates, sample creamy cheese fondue and taste traditional Bern dishes at any relaxed local eatery. 

Besides these Bern local experiences, you can indulge in some adventure activities as well. Some of them include:

A relaxed dip in the Aare River 

This is Bern’s central water point, shaped in U, and is the playground for both locals and tourists who want to float down to the fast currents, hugging the historical center. This one of Bern hidden treasuresis unique as it is an activity of urban swimming that is on the official UNESCO list of Swiss traditions. Hence, when you stroll through the old Bern city, take a dip in the fast-flowing aqua beauty of the river. 

Ascend to the Gurten Peak 

Another important but Lesser-known places in Bern! It takes a short tram ride to the city’s outskirts. the Gurten Bahn is near the city center and it takes you to the peak. You can also try a Toboggan, which has been open for more than 2 years. You can have your children with you and if you are lucky, you can see a panoramic view of the city in its full glory. 

Exploring the city outskirts 

If you have only one weekend to explore the Bern sightseeing gems, then choosing the regional train network is a wise idea. With green valleys and emerald meadows, the city marks its diversity and like any other city, Bern has something more than history to showcase. 

Bike trip to Emmental Valley

You can hire an e-bike at Burgdorf train station and ride some beautiful miles through the Emmental Valley, which is famous for its cheese with holes. The valley is located in the middle of Bern and Luzern, and Burgdorf is the beginning point of the trail. It is a relaxed ride through the majestic views and curving pathways through the valleys, and you get a chance to see a part of the Herzroute, running across Switzerland. 

Hope these Bern travel recommendations will help you explore and enjoy the city to the fullest. There are many Secret spots in Bern, you should ask your travel guide to explore the Bern travel secrets. Hidden historical sites in Bern, cultural and adventurous attractions, etc are very small to explore deeply in a short period. These attractions are locatedright in the middle of Switzerland, so you can travel the country in all directions.

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